Summer Village of Burnstick Lake

The Summer Village of Burnstick Lake is 150 kms northwest of Calgary and approximately 50 km northwest of Sundre. Fifty seven cottages make up the summer village that sits on 18 hectars on the north shore of beautiful Burnstick Lake.


How many properties in the Village?

There are 57 lots in the Summer Village of Bunstick Lake.

Are there lots available for sale?

Individual, private-owned properties are occasionally sold privately. There is no planned expansion or further subdivision envisaged in the area and all lots are developed.

What are the services of the Village?

Like any City or Town, the Summer Village manages the municipal affairs of the summer village. This includes issuing development permits, maintaining roads, drainage, a waste transfer station, municipal and environmental reserves and some fire protection and recreation activities. There is no water or waste water servicing - only individual wells and septic tanks.

Who is the Village Council?

Village Council is made up of a Mayor, Deputy Mayor and a councillor. The Summer Village also has a Chief Administrative Officer who manages the programs, services and policies of Council.

There are regular Council meeting every two or three months. The meetings are held at the Summer Village of Burnstick Lake or in nearby Caroline.

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